Away meeting in Pułtusk

June 1, 2015

On 22-23 May 2015 an away meeting of members of DARIAH-PL Consortium took place in Pułtusk. On the first day workshops were conducted in three groups: Technologies and tools; Image, item and sound; Word and text.. Participants of each group exchanged their knowledge and experiences in conducting digital humanities research, both personal and institutional. Then participants discussed the best possible organization of working groups. The result of the group works includes two ideas for setting up working groups within DARIAH-PL. The first is a tool approach which is to serve different disciplines and different projects, including for example (geomaping or infomaping) of data. The second idea involves interdisciplinary combination of disciplines and different research fields and subsequent development of appropriate digital tools.

The workshops proposed the following working groups:

Geomaping or infomaping;

– “Open science” or “meta science”;

– A group devoted to library resources, corpuses or lexicographic resources;

– A group which would be responsible for integration of resources (integration, tools to convert, create further resources and to retrodigitalization).

– “Documentation and maintenance of monuments” (objects related to the past).

– A Group responsible for researching and comparing paintings (including historical photography, painting, internet images, computer games).


On the second day issues of internal and external communication of the Consortium were discussed, mostly creation of a new website and collaboration with bodies of DARIAH-ERIC as well as the issue of organization of the Second Annual Conference of DARIAH-PL, which in this year takes place on 26-27 November 2015 in Lublin under the name: Digital humanities – studying text, image and sound.For more information please go to the