PCSS (DARIAH-PL) – a new co-leader of VCC “Scholary Content Managment” at DARIAH-ERIC

July 4, 2017

Mr Marcin Werla from Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PCSS) – member of the DARIAH-PL consortium – became the Leader of Virtual Competency Centre (VCC) at DARIAH-ERIC.
Hereby the PCSS has become the coordinator of the Virtual Competency Centre focusing on digital data management. Relevant Memorandum of Understanding has been signed last week.

The Virtual Competency Centre ”Scholarly Content Management” at DARIAH-ERIC is dealing with various stages of the scholarly content life cycles from the creation via selection and disseminating to the pooling of scholarly digital resources for reuse.
The PCSS’s point of interest is to offer services and recources of data models or data management as well as associated legal and organizational issues.
The aim of PCSS is to enhance data quality, preservation, interoperability and furthering a culture of data sharing in the Arts and Humanities.
The Virtual Competency Centre is coordinated by Huma-Num (France) and PCSS (Poland). The direct Heads are Nicolas Larousse (Huma-Num/France) and Marcin Werla (PCSS/DARIAH-PL).

The other competency centres of DARIAH-ERIC are: VCC e-Infrastructure, VCC Research and Education and VCC Advocacy, Impact and Outreach (http://dariah.eu/activities.html).
The Heads of the Centres form ”Joint Research Committee DARIAH-ERIC” responsible for supporting integration of working groups and DARIAH members services – both scholar and organizational.
More details are available at here