DHGIS Workgroup



DHGIS Workgroup
Taking digital humanities as our point of departure, we tackle problems connected with geo(historical)data management – their storage, integration and dissemination, using historical GIScience.
What we do
Our main focus is on the concept of a database of historical settlement network and administrative divisions for Eastern Europe, connected with current data. It can serve as a backdrop for the development of HSDI (Historical Spatial Data Infrastructure), where historical data smoothly converts into contemporary data. The level of detail should also allow elements included in (historical) city plans to be included in such infrastructure.
The works encompass establishing the criteria for distinguishing the types of settlement units and administrative division units, as well as detailed ontology of those types, including the level of particular objects located in the towns. It aims to solve the issue of former settlement units and administrative divisions incompatibility with the contemporary ones. Without that, broad-scale analyses based on various data sources are rendered impossible.
Our multi-disciplinary team comprises historians, geographers and computer scientists who elaborate the theoretical foundations, as well as practical methods and useful tools for spatial data creation and analyses that would allow for data integration, irrespective of their source, content, and time scope.


  • Arkadiusz Borek (Instytut Historii PAN)
  • Dariusz Brykała (Instytut Geografii i Przestrzennego Zagospodarowania PAN)
  • Wiesława Duży (Instytut Historii PAN)
  • Alexey Frolov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Michał Gochna (Instytut Historii PAN)
  • Grzegorz Myrda (Instytut Historii PAN)
  • Dariusz Gotlib (Politechnika Warszawska)
  • Anna Orłowska (Instytut Historii PAN)
  • Tomasz Panecki (Uniwersytet Warszawski)
  • Katarzyna Słomska (Instytut Historii PAN)
  • Humphrey Southall (Portsmouth University)
  • Bogumił Szady (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, Instytut Historii PAN)
  • Konrad Wnęk (Instytut Historii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego)


  • Warsaw University of Technology, Division of Cartography
  • CENAGIS (The Centre for Scientific Geospatial Analyses and Satellite Computations)
  • The Institute of the Polish Language of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe (associated member)
  • Laboratory of Historical Geoinformatics at the Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences (associated member)


Grzegorz Myrda
Instytut Historii PAN
Rynek Starego Miasta 29/31
00-272 Warszawa
email: gmyrda@ihpan.edu.pl