Corpus-based research infrastructure for Polish



Development and extension of the scope of the national corpus, working out representation standards for corpus data and tools


  • Extension of the resource base of the National Corpus of Polish with diachronic corpora, parallel corpora, specialist and dialectal corpora, spoken data, synchronic corpus based on digital libraries and Internet
  • Development of corpus annotation standards for Polish (metadata and morpho-syntactic markup for all subcorpora, syntactic, semantic and discourse markup for contemporary data)
  • Development of representation methods for multimedia data (alignment of texts and source data, search in spoken, video and image data)
  • Development of corpus user interface with simple querying, attractive and clear design and methods of visualization of complex linguistic structures
  • Development of tools for corpus creation, exploration and analysis
  • Monitoring of Internet sources for corpus and lexicographic needs
  • Reinforcing national and international co-operation within DARIAH and CLARIN; verification of corpus-related solutions developed in digital humanities projects (such as Parthenos)


  • Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of the Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • University of Lodz
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
  • University of Warsaw
  • University of Wrocław


dr Maciej Ogrodniczuk (IPI PAN)

dr hab. Adam Przepiórkowski (IPI PAN)

dr Marcin Woliński (IPI PAN)

dr Patrycja Potoniec (IBL PAN)

mgr Krzysztof Opaliński (IBL PAN)

dr Monika Biesaga (IJP PAN)

dr Renata Bronikowska (IJP PAN)

dr hab. Rafał L. Górski (IJP PAN)

prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Gruszczyński (IJP PAN)

dr Piotr Pęzik (UŁ, Anglistyka)

dr hab. Adam Dobaczewski (UMK)

dr hab. Małgorzata Gębka-Wolak (UMK)

dr hab. Andrzej Moroz (UMK)

dr hab. Magdalena Derwojedowa (UW)

prof. dr hab. Halina Karaś (UW)

dr hab. Marek Łaziński (UW)

prof. dr hab. Adam Pawłowski (UWr)


dr Maciej Ogrodniczuk

ul. Jana Kazimierza 5

01-248 Warszawa

tel. 533 675 675