Projekt DESIR – ankieta

luty 7, 2018
digital art

W ramach projektu DESIR prowadzone jest obecnie badanie ankietowe, które ma na celu ocenę poziomu zaufania do infrastruktury DARIAH wśród jej obecnych i potencjalnych użytkowników. Ankieta jest dostępna tutaj.

Zapraszamy Państwa do wypełnienia ankiety oraz rozpowszechnienia jej w Państwa instytucjach. Poniżej znajduje się szczegółowa informacja o badaniu.

Digital transformation poses challenges to the arts and humanities research landscape all over the world. DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) is the European ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) to enhance and develop digital humanities research in Europe.

DESIR is a project funded by the European Commission that sets out to strengthen the sustainability of DARIAH and firmly establish it as a long-term leader and partner within arts and humanities communities.

We kindly ask you, as an user or a potential user of digital humanities, to fill this survey. The results will allow the assessment of current trust in DARIAH and lead to the proposal of strategies and actions that will increase confidence in DARIAH services and infrastructures.

The success of this activity requires a high number of responses from the arts and humanities scientific community. This is why your contribution is such a key element and we strongly invite you to participate, using the link.